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Meet Dadrian Jenkins

Poetically my relationship with beauty and hair care started when I was a child. Initially, as with many women, my mother took care of my hair, wellness, and beauty needs. As I begin to mature, my mother entrusted these tasks to me... I learned enough and they were my own. Haircare came naturally to me. I would find myself mixing products and trying trending styles on myself and for my family. Over the years I developed wellness and beauty practices spiritually. I am blessed to have founded Royal Roots Natural Hair Care with one goal in mind: the holistic well-being of my family. I believe that everybody deserves to feel great about the natural beauty they possess inside, as well as the way they look outside! My variety of natural care services and products are specially created for every 'Natural Beauty'!

It will be my pleasure to serve you - get in touch today!

~D. Jenkins

#D'Healer #va_loc_god

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